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Highway Safety Guidelines

Highway safety is an important aspect of highway construction and engineering. Designing a highway means adopting safety measures so that not only vehicular traffic stays safe, but the pedestrians and bikers also feel safe while moving on the highway. Bott\’s dots, traffic lights, pedestrian marking, zebra crossings, and traffic circles are some of the important […]

Techniques of Waste Disposal

Landfills, being simple and economical, are globally the most common landfill system of waste disposal. It involves the burial of waste materials. Landfills that are not properly designed or managed may create several environmental hazards and diseases due to the dispersion of garbage by wind, the attraction of rats, and other similar reasons. Landfills are […]

What makes engineering consulting different

Its been a while since I posted – readers will realise that my lull in posts has coincided with my move to Johannesburg and my starting a new job in engineering consulting. The past 2.5 months at my new company have been a whirlwind of excitement. Being thrown into two projects in the midst of […]