In order to achieve our stated Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives, we believe that it is paramount for us to conduct our business in a safe and incident free manner. In this regard we are guided by the principles of our Occupational Safety and Health Policy (OHS).


It is the policy of Professional Engineering Consultants Ltd (PEC) to conduct its business in a manner that protects its employees from injuries and illnesses and preserves and sustains the environment.

Our Commitment

PEC believes that all accidents are preventable. We will ensure that a safe effective working environment is provided for staff, visitors and other stake holders. Our efforts in the areas of OHS will be directed by the following principles:

  • We will comply with the local laws and regulations such as the Occupational, Safety and Health Act 2006 of Uganda.
  • We will Ensure that a safe and secure working environment is provided for employees, other stakeholders and where there is an interface, the general public.
  • We will conduct business according to recognized standards, including those related to occupational health, environment, safety and fire protection.
  • We will train and educate our employees and customers about our OHS standards and practices, and to foster their commitment in improving their OHS performance.
  • We will hold each employee responsible and accountable for his/her OHS related performance, as well as for that of personnel under his/her supervision.
  • We will review this policy annually and continually improving the health and safety management systems and
    procedures to prevent the likelihood of accidents, incidents and occupational ill health.

This confirms our commitment to safeguard our employees’ health and safety consistent with our commitment to our
customers, shareholders and the law.