Quality Policy

“We the management and staff of Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC)Ltd commit to provide client-focused engineering consultancy services by:

i) Being responsive to our customers’ needs & expectations,

ii) Developing and maintaining a significant pool of professional workforce and

iii) Building and continually improving the integrity of our systems in order to remain competitive and to sustain our progress.

This, we hope, will enable us to compete effectively and empower us to live up to the Company’s vision, mission and core values.

Quality Objectives:

i) To establish and maintain service realization procedures for all services rendered by the company, which will ensure that all customer needs are clearly identified and comprehensively addressed during the company’s service delivery;

ii) To annually identify professional staff requirements based on the current and projected company service requirements and ensure the identified staff requirements are fully met and;

iii) To ensure that on an annual basis, the company identifies areas within the quality management system, where improvements can be made to ensure better service delivery.