Global Positioning Services:

i) GPS geodetic control surveys.
ii) Differential GPS surveys.
iii) Real time kinematic surveys.

Surveys and Mapping Services

i) Tract and parcel design and subdivision mapping.
ii) Land title surveys and land registration.
iii) Computation of transformation parameters between datums.
iv) Hydrographical surveying.

Engineering Surveying

i) Topographic surveys and route surveying.
ii) Highway road design and supervision.
iii) Construction staking; staking out of roads, buildings, bridges, dams, etc.
iv) Site analysis and calculations.

v) CAD drafting and DTM generation.

GIS and Remote sensing intergration services

The GIS Section handles tasks involving acquisition, storage, retrieval, analysis and presentation of all types of spatial data. The services offered under this section include:
i) Acquisition of spatial data which is done in collaboration with other sections and the techniques used include traditional surveying, use of GPS, Mobile GIS enabled pocket computers and image analysis.
ii) Design and development of spatial databases using conventional and innovative system design methodologies. We also advise on the most efficient strategies for acquiring and populating spatial databases.
iii)  Data conversion from paper to digital (scanning and digitizing) and this is supported by state of the art hardware and raster vector conversion software.
iv)  Analysis of satellite images to derive maps at scales up to 1:10,000 for high Resolution Satellite images. We also analyze airborne images to produce large scale thematic maps.
v)  Cleaning up and formatting/reformatting spatial data to ensure that the data is ready for GIS applications. The tasks under this may include creating topology, format conversion, reprojection etc.
vi)  Training and capacity building in basic and advanced GIS applications for government departments, private companies, NGOS and individuals.