Water Engineering

  • Design Review and Supervision of Construction Works for Kanyampanga Gravity Flow Water Scheme
    Kanyampanga Gravity Flow Scheme covers 5 sub-counties (Kihihi, Kanyantorogo, Nyamirama and Mukono) of Kanungu district found in Western Uganda. The works consist of sources works, 7 reservoirs with total capacity of 560m3, several break-pressure tanks, 220 Km of pipeline...
  • Engineering Supervision of Construction Works for Rwebisengo-Kanara Phase-1 and Lusaku-Kabasanda gravity flow schemes.
    The Project comprised of two independent water schemes in two different areas of Uganda; Rwebisengo-Kanara and Lukalu-Kabasanda. The assignment was to provide engineering services for supervision of construction works and transfer of knowledge to client staff.
  • Kampala Sanitation Programme Lake Victoria Protection Phase I &II
    Design and Construction Supervision of Nakivubo (12km) and Kinawataka (18km) trunk sewer lines with pipeline diameters ranging from ND 1500mm to ND 300mm for National Water and Sewerage Services (NWSC) – Kampala Area under the Protection of Lake Victoria...
  • Bushenyi-Sheema Water Supply And Sanitation Project
    The Project Involved Updating The Feasibility Study And Detailed Design Of Kitagata Water Treatment Plant With A Capacity Of 9450 M3/Day For A Population Of 252,000; Design Of Transmission Mains -Approx 102km; And Construction Supervision Of Phase One Works.